Creating the highest quality 3D reconstructions using subsea laser and photogrammetry scanning.


3D Laser Scanning or Photogrammetry subsea ?

Savante's advanced 3D laser scanning & photogrammetry technology provides both.


Savante creates 3D point cloud models of underwater assets in stunning resolution and full colour; solving a wide range of measurement problems.  Our cameras, lights, subsea laser scanners and 3D video reconstruction modelling products have been specifically designed to optimise the quality of our 3D results whilst providing operational flexibility to your subsea challenges.


Savante's unique selling point is that we designed and developed every aspect of our own solutions; setting us apart from any competitor and enabling us to deliver truly limit of technology performance.  Click on the button below to view our standard products.



Why mobilise extra hardware?  3D responsive survey data at sub-millimeter precision can be extracted from legacy photo or video footage.


Create more value from your existing subsea equipment.


Whilst 3D point cloud data is best captured using our state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners or our photogrammetry-optimised, machine-vision cameras Savante can also reverse engineer measurement data from legacy, historical photographic or video footage. 


Lacking the depth resolution of laser scanning, but often more than sufficient to recover fine detail and the geometry of a subsea asset, our systems can compute an accurate model of whatever video camera system was mounted aboard your ROV, drop frame or diver.  We don't even need to see the equipment or perform further physical testing.  We can process all your footage offline at any time.


Savante 3D saves time and money.  What better value proposition ?


With our advanced modelling capabilities, we can draw every last byte of 3D measurement data from existing visual footage without the need to mobilise additional equipment, personnel, vessel saving substantial costs and time against your subsea measurement challenges.  Often we complete our initial reporting draft in 24hours.


But even if we have to send out a subsea 3D laser scanning spread for the ultimate in measurement precision, you can be assured of significant time and cost savings.  This is especially true if you have consider the process of calibrations of a USBL, MBES or survey vessel datum verifications.


From Photo to Point Cloud ...

... to CAD model and onwards.


Once a point cloud of an object has been captured, it can be exported into any CAD package to which a wide spectrum of engineering computational tools, such as finite element analysis, can be applied.  This proves extremely useful in providing the necessary diligence and evidence to support cases for immediate repair, deferment or reducing the frequency of risk-based inspection campaigns.


 Full colour 3D structure reconstruction from legacy video footage

Full colour 3D structure reconstruction from legacy video footage

 Subsea Riser Modelling using Dynamic Laser Scanning

Subsea Riser Modelling using Dynamic Laser Scanning

 Mooring chain fitness for purpose inspections

Mooring chain fitness for purpose inspections

 Buoyancy block separation measurement using machine vision

Buoyancy block separation measurement using machine vision

 Diver Laser Scanner Systems

Diver Laser Scanner Systems

 Environmental baseline benthic seabed surveys

Environmental baseline benthic seabed surveys

 Pipeline crossing as-built modelling without MBES

Pipeline crossing as-built modelling without MBES


Precision Data for Subsea Integrity Management

Savante delivers decision-making 3D clarity to subsea measurement challenges. See our 4 step overview from assessment to preparation of accurate data.  



Problem Assessment


Let's assume you're here because your risk-based inspection campaign has raised questions over asset integrity. Immediate investigation may be necessary to provide critical decision-making data.


FIRST RESPONSE - Interim inspection or maintenance reports highlight an asset concern: FRAQ
SECOND RESPONSE - Perhaps you've checked the asset and the indications are that something is wrong: SRAV


Any threat to people, the environment or the asset are key risks. Work with Savante to understand the scale and depth - literally - of the issues with the subsea asset and profile the problem with laser accuracy.


Working with Savante brings consultation, analysis and our powerful laser technology. This ensures provision of data which is 3D point modelled, accurate and reportable to your stakeholders for processing.

We're here to help

If you require an urgent assessment of integrity products of infrastructure, get in touch. Our laser scanning products and data engineers are available at short notice. 


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Preventative is always better. If you're behind that curve, we'll ensure you've got the best information to hand to move forward.