Certus Diver Subsea Laser Scanner

Certus Diver Subsea Laser Scanner


Available for sale/rental from Savante Subsea - the Certus Subsea 3D Laser Scanner.

The Certus 350 subsea divers laser scanner was designed to provide non-contact measurement capabilities in the hands of underwater divers. A high performance 4k camera is integrated into the profiler head and enables measurements between 30cm and 3m range. Certus quickly and accurately captures a digital twin of submerged structures using a cloud of precisely determined 3D points. This may be in full colour and of immense resolution. This enables divers to be positioned in safe locations whilst acquiring data from any dynamic and dangerous pinch points such as the wear regions between conductors, risers, caissons and their guides.

Certus uses an embedded processor to collect all measurements and can store survey data locally on an internal memory or can communicate to surface using only twin wire communications; the coaxial or twisted pair of a standard divers umbilical is more than sufficient.

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