3D Subsea Scanning Project Enquiry Page

Savante provides forensic-quality 3D subsea scanning services using photogrammetry, 3D machine vision, articifical intelligence and 3D subsea laser scanners.

Our choice of equipment used is dependent upon your urgency and operational requirements.

For a fast response to urgent enquiries, please fill in the table below and forward any relevant photography, video footage, CAD drawings and reports to sales@savante.co.uk

Urgent Response

Our first response will be to use single-camera 3D reconstructions using scaled photogrammetry where possible; this eliminates the need to deploy personnel and equipment to your worksite. Normally we can do this using your existing ROV or diver footage. We can provide workflows, procedures and on-line training to your offshore personnel where necessary.

General Subsea Scanning

If there is time to deploy, our preference is to use 3D multi-camera imaging and subsea laser scanning; providing the highest accuracy and 3D reconstruction in real-time and maximising the efficiency of data-collection.

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