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"We designed our laser from scratch because the industry didn't have one that delivered the accuracy that was needed."




Leading Subsea Laser Inspection measurement and scanning specialists in offshore Oil & Gas.


An Introduction

Savante Subsea Lasers are the leading subsea laser inspection, laser measurement and laser scanning specialists in the offshore oil and gas sector.

Savante proprietary laser technology offers significant precision, speed and accuracy advantages over traditional acoustic and mechanical survey methods with applications in positioning, measurement, corrosion management, damage assessment and communications. These improved methods of laser scanning, profiling and measurement benefit the operator by providing a 3D, high definition model of subsea assets which can only enhance operator safety when integrated into Inspection, Maintenance and Repair, field construction, pipe-lay, umbilical-lay and survey operations. Savante have developed a strong range of products that extend the capabilities of both ROV and deep-water diving.

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We also offer a bespoke service where we can rapidly engineer from our standard product lines to produce a task-specific solution in order to solve your subsea measurement challenges.



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  • subsea photogrammetry
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