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Subsea Image Scaling Laser

APEX subsea laser module - Available for hire or purchase from Savante Subsea.

The APEX range of subsea laser scaling modules were designed specifically for marine habitat survey; supporting benthic environmental species research, stoney reef classification and oil and gas subsea decommissioning surveys. APEX projects an intuitive fixed size measurement scale onto the seabed. Four high-quality laser modules are arranged in a parallel configuration in a single housing and pass through the same sapphire viewport. Uniquely, the effects of refraction are the same for each laser beam passing into the water column. APEX lasers maintain parallel beams over a much longer range and provide greater accuracy than mounting multiple laser modules in a framework.

Underwater objects can be scaled and sized using an APEX laser in conjunction with any video or digital stills device without disturbing the subject. Advanced image processing software can also correct for digital stills photographs collected at highly oblique angles.


Key Features

  • Four (or two) high performance laser spot modules precision parallel aligned

  • 64mm separation provides intuitive visual reference scale

  • Laser modules available in green or red

  • Single sapphire window eliminates refractive differences between each laser module.


  • 4 x 5mW 635nm spot laser beams


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Benthic environmental research