Aquantum Subsea Laser Pointer

savante subsea laser point generator aquantum 300.jpg

Available as:

  • Rental

  • Purchase

Aquantum subsea laser module - Available for hire or purchase from Savante Subsea.

Aquantum subsea laser modules are our smallest laser projection system; typically mounted on micro-ROV or used in handheld configuration by divers. Aquantum lasers use our lowest power laser module are available in Class 2A 0.95mW format and are an excellent choice for low cost simple alignment operations.

Key Features

  • Lowest cost ultradeep miniaturised subsea laser pointer (19mm diameter)

  • Class 2M Spot pointer laser

  • Available in blue, green, red or infrared

  • Ultra-low current draw ideal for long term monitorting solutions.


  • 0.95mW 635nm laser diode

  • 19mm diameter housing ideal for use with micro ROVs


Micro ROV inspection

Subsea Installation Projects - used as basic installation alignment tools

Low cost image laser scaling

Environmental baseline surveys