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K-ZON: A remote inspection, laser and UT mapping solution.  Providing the highest quality quantitative structural data for the management of caisson integrity.







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Savante Subsea


Since 2003, Savante Subsea has specialised in the development of 3D underwater laser, photogrammetry and NDT inspection tooling. 


Deployed using divers, ROV, AUV and bespoke remote intervention tools; we create high precision data for asset integrity management.
















We provide SAFE, Cost-Effective and Responsive asset integrity data for  caisson, riser and J-tube Integrity Assurance.










Beyond Visual Inspection


K-ZON moves beyond a conventional caisson inspection and provides the highest-quality 3D structural assessment data for any caisson configuration. 


This can be supported with content from a highly flexible range of third-party sensing solutions.  We provide critical CONTEXT for measurement data.






K-ZON Detects:


Manufacturing quality control issues.

In-service deterioration problems.









An accurate understanding of the condition of a caisson can support it's ongoing use or provide advanced warning of the need for repair or replacement.






K-ZON Advanced Features:



3D photorealistic Reconstruction for precision defect analysis

Savante pioneered the development of high-accuracy underwater 3D laser measurement.  Providing rich, full-colour 3D models of both seam and circumferential welds, our technology goes beyond simple defect sizing and permits the direct 3D comparison of weld and defect condition from inspection to inspection.  Rates of deterioration can be directly measured through comparisons of subsequent 3D datasets.


4D laser capture of welds, defects and holes lets you observe deterioration over time.


Dual lasers scan the weld simultaneously from both sides; permitting enhanced detection of preferential root weld corrosion issues.

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superfast network PROVIDES access to any 3rd party sensor

Supports rapid deployment of;

  • multiple 4k HD video cameras,

  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing,

  • CP,

  • PEC,

  • TOFD,

  • Phased Array or ACFM sensors.

  • Cavitation blaster cleaning system for marine growth removal.




Case Study


Detection of regions of preferential root weld corrosion and confirmation of wall loss regions in circumferential weld and heat-affected zone (HAZ) from a set of three firewater pump caissons.


caisson wall profiles.jpg



Firstly, I’m very satisfied with the detail of the results and the processing that has been completed to highlight salient points. Grants team have done a pretty remarkable job in getting such a detailed picture of the profile given the nature of this inspection location.
— Anon Proj Engineer, Anon IOC, UKCS


Publications and Industry Guidance

System and data features in;

R.J. Lee, S.F Burch, "HOIS Guidance on In-service inspection and integrity management of caissons".  HOIS (13)R6, July 2014.


Available for download from;