Savante delivers high-precision 3D laser imaging and measurement solutions in the underwater environment.


Savante: Precision Data for Subsea Integrity Management

Our lasers, our expertise, your data.

Savante subsea laser scanning is a phrase well-known throughout the world. Our cameras, lights and laser products are second-to-none and are fully designed in-house and built in the UK.

We developed our own lasers because nothing else in the market could deliver the precision demanded. We're the innovators, the designers and we undertake careful measures to ensure our equipment continues to deliver results.

  • Savante laser modules are available for hire or purchase individually for use with ROVs or divers.   
  • You can hire Savante specialists and the lasers - ensuring that our full reporting and analysis capabilities are available to your project management team.

Subsea data - from a doctor of physics.

Working with Savante doesn't just provide you with the right equipment. Savante is lead by Dr Grant Thomson, a physicist, ROV and diving specialist.  With over 20 years experience in LIDAR remote sensing and laser design combined with 15 years offshore, you can be sure that the data you receive isn't just 'good enough', it is accurate enough to make specific decisions about managing, maintaining and planning for the long-term integrity of your assets.

Our solutions and the data they produce have been driven by our practical experience.  Having been 'literally' in at the deep end, working with asset integrity engineers and management, we have a true understanding of the need for precision data to make better decisions.

Subsea Laser Modules

Subsea Laser Modules

Dynamic Subsea Laser Scanners

Dynamic Subsea Laser Scanners

Machine Vision Subsea Cameras

Machine Vision Subsea Cameras

Diver Laser Scanners

Diver Laser Scanners

AUV Integration kits

AUV Integration kits


Savante’s precision 3D data delivers decision-making clarity for asset integrity managers.  

Read our service overview below or click through to view case studies. 


Quickstart overview


Let's assume you're here because your risk-based inspection campaign has raised questions over asset integrity. Immediate investigation may be necessary to provide critical decision-making data.


Interim inspection or maintenance reports highlight an asset concern: FRAQ.

Perhaps you've checked the asset and the indications are that something is wrong: SRAV


Any threat to people, the environment or the asset are key risks. Work with Savante to understand the scale and depth - literally - of the issues with the subsea asset and profile the problem with laser accuracy.


Working with Savante brings consultation, analysis and our powerful laser technology. This ensures provision of data which is 3D point modelled, accurate and reportable to your stakeholders for processing.


Preventative is always better. If you're behind that curve, we'll ensure you've got the best information to hand to move forward.