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IMCA R06 Standard ROV Audit Services

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Savante Subsea provides a comprehensive and fully-independent third-party ROV auditing service on behalf of oil and gas clients; delivering critical insight and technical overview of ROV systems, personnel and operating ethos in advance of mobilisation.  Often a component of diligent vessel and project assurance management; we review ROV spreads in accordance with;

  • UK-statutory requirements,

  • compliance with relevant industry-accepted practise guidelines defined by IMCA,

  • and advisory notices generated by the HSE.

With over 100 ROV audits sucessfully completed since 2008, Savante combines an efficient turn-around ROV auditing service with experience, high quality data reporting and inclusive discussion between all project stake-holders.

A Focused ROV Audit Report

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Savante's ROV audit report classifies observations on a graduated basis in accordance with severity.  Observations with the potential to be non-compliant with legislative statutory requirements are flagged as Class A.  Other observations may be noted which highlight a deviation or inconsistency with recommendations and guidelines from industry-accepted practise or client-specified terms of reference.  We also note "room for improvements", "safety observation cards" and highlight relevant safety flashes where relevant. 

ROV Audit support across Europe

Located in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire our auditor is within close proximity of all major UK, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and German supporting ports and harbours.  We have routinely responded at short-notice to support the deployment of ROV support vessels; ensuring that our clients are able to deliver a fully-assured ROV solution in response to offshore emergent situations.

ROV auditing delivers improved performance.

A successful ROV audit can deliver improved contractor performance; minimising the risk of technical downtime or DECC-reportable incidents such as PON-1 ("Petroleum Operations Notices") oil-fluids release, slips-trips-falls.  Always working in conjunction with the contractor's ROV supervisor/superintendent on site; we aim to close-out as many findings as possible and minimise any potential operational delays.  During an inspection, our auditor creates a substantial photographic and video log; evidencing function testing and condition of assets prior to deployment.  This can also prove critical in identifying failure modes such as oil leaks or mechanical break-down as part of incident investigation and reporting.


Many of our operator clients have elected to use Savante's ROV auditing services over a multi-year duration in order to guide and encourage improved performance from their ROV contractors.  Our continuous progression monitoring has stimulated many novel client-led initiatives including;

  • sub-contracting of hydraulic hoses and pipework fitting replacement via third-party independent hose registers.

  • sub-contracting of lifting certification registers to independent third-party authorities.

  • updating of emergency recovery procedure systems.

  • improvements on certification registers for ease of auditing.

  • developing consistency in procedures and system-specific literature across an ROV contractors fleet.


Routine periodic ROV auditing has also enabled our clients to improve confidences in the use of specific ROV units; particularly aged "ROV systems of opportunity" where aesthetic condition may be less than desireable. 

ROV Audit Format

Our fully-trained and qualified ROV auditor will attend the contractor base or installation location with our PC-based digital template and high resolution digital stills video camera.  Our audit inspects the following core and essential areas of the ROV spread; these include;

  • Review of previous ROV audit data.

  • HSEQ compliance review.

  • High Voltage Assessment.

  • Control container.

  • Workshop facilities.

  • Winch and Umbilical.

  • Review of lifting compliance certification.

  • Launch and Recovery Systems.

  • Systems appraisal of ROV, TMS and ancilliary tooling

  • Comprehensive function testing (incorporating wet-testing where port-authorities permit)

  • Review of contractor general emergency response procedures

  • Installation and routing of ROV cables/leads.

  • Personnel qualifications assessment.

On completion of the inspection audit element, we supply our clients with a comprehensive action tracker; incorporating a classification of close-out items in accordance with compliance with statutary requirements, industry-level guidelines and room-for-improvement and safety-observations.

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