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LMNI Subsea ROV Laser


Our LMNI ROV lasers create better asset integrity and inspection reporting products; they provide higher accuracy measurement data - critical for asset integrity managers. They deliver higher productivity during data collection and report creation for offshore surveyors and ROV pilots; reducing non-productive time and realising huge cost savings over the product lifetime. This value creation is significant compared to the laser cost.
— dr grant thomson, savante managing founder

Subsea lasers create better inspection reports.


Subsea Line lasers - a visual measurement datum


Savante ROV laser line products are robust and powerful; providing a crisp plane of bright green laser light.  They are normally used to illuminate the invisible path of acoustic survey sensors, such as scanning sonar or multi-beam profilers - making it easy to visualise seabed topography and provide a visible datum for making survey measurements.  Our lasers reveal subtle seabed topography, provide improved visibility in turbid waters and reduce ROV piloting burden when tracking buried products by making it easier to visualise trenched products. They are critical for efficient asset integrity and seabed survey reporting and are a standard component of any pipeline or trenching survey ROV spread. 

trenched pipeline product.jpg

Trenching and Pipeline Survey

Our subsea lasers help ROV operators and survey companies enhance the productivity and reliable delivery of asset integrity reporting.

Features observed in acoustic profiler data such as;

trench profiles, top-of-pipe, freespans, damage or debris can be instantly recognised from a quick comparison with corresponding synchronised laser-video footage.

This reduces the workload on a data processor; saving surveyors significant administrative time, improves efficiency and reduces fatigue during long inspection campaigns.

In this image, the trench profile is clearly visible.


Image Laser Scaling for Environmental Baseline Surveys

hermit crab.png

Benthic Baselines

Many survey companies use multiple paralleled lasers to provide an indication of scale to video reporting products. This removes the need for scale bars and the time required to set up an ROV to reposition and conduct a specific measurement.

In this image, the two laser points are spaced 10cm apart; the size of the hermit crab is 6 +/- 0.5 cm.

Note that undulations in the seabed topography are also illuminated by the 2 line lasers.

Anomaly Reporting with a Laser

Laser-scaled anomaly reports can be a more informative product; photographic records of defects can be delivered with greater accuracy, quality and efficiency.  Reporting defects with supporting measurements taken from acoustic positioning or profiler sensors can be achieved with greater accuracy using the laser as a visible reference datum.  ROV productivity after periodic calibrations is also improved using the visual datum to locate restart locations. 


This can lead to an improved work-life balance for the operational team at sea, data co-ordinators ashore and better detection of potential threats to integrity or changes in condition with greater measurement accuracy for an asset integrity manager.


Designed for intensive ROV survey

Our ROV subsea laser products were designed to be operated in any ocean.  A 6000m depth rating means that a single laser can be deployed anywhere in the world, reducing the complexity of your supply logistics, your tooling pool, your cost of ownership whilst giving you peace of mind. 


The Sapphire viewport of our lasers were designed so that the critical o-ring sealing technology can be inspected without the need for specialist tools or opening the unit.  The enhanced reliability of our lasers reduces the need to recover an ROV for maintenance or replacement; in ultradeep operations a simple replacement task can create hours of non-productive downtime incurring thousands of dollars of costs.


Designed specifically for subsea use, the apparent brightness of our laser is comparable with that of much larger and more powerful competitors but at under half the cost.  An integrated glass Powell lens provides a highly uniform laser line output, mitigating against dangerous laser hot-spots and produces a better quality image on camera.  Uniform illumination reduces the risk of camera saturation; the quality of video footage and screengrabs for reporting products are greatly improved.

LMNI lasers are typically 50% more powerful than our nearest sized competitor and nearly double the depth rating. We have units sold in 2008 that are still in operation today [2018] - saving our clients tens of thousands of pounds in rental charges over the equivalent product lifetime.
— Dr. Grant Thomson, Savante Managing Founder



Value-Generating Features

  • Creates higher quality asset integrity and inspection reporting products.
  • Enables the visualisation of the invisible scan of a sonar or multibeam profiler; it provides a direct means to match features on survey video with a corresponding sonar profile and reduces the workload on surveyors when detecting top-of-pipe.
  • Visual reference improves position measurement accuracy when locating pipeline transitions, features or defects - critical for asset integrity management.
  • Pipeline survey restarts can be performed with less non-productive time.
  • 6000m depth rating means a single laser can be operated in any oil province; reducing the cost of ownership and optimising your tooling pool.
  • Ultra-reliable laser construction mitigates against risk of non-productive ROV recovery downtime.
  • Exceptional optical design operates as effectively as larger and higher power lasers. 
  • Uniform laser profile provides a higher quality video footage by mitigating the risk of image saturation.  It enables fine photographic detail to be observed from more of an image.
  • Multiple lasers can be used simultaneously to provide an intuitive measure of scale without the requirement for specialist ROV rulers and indicator scales.

A Vast Range of Subsea Applications

Our LMNI subsea lasers help surveyors add measurement to a huge array of tasks.  Mounted on bespoke vehicles, drop camera frames, micro-ROVs and work-class vehicles; we've created a small library of applications which can be accessed from the button below.


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