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LMNI Subsea Line Laser



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LMNI subsea laser module - Available for hire or purchase from Savante Subsea.

The LMNI range of subsea line lasers are our most flexible subsea laser solution and may be used for simple reference projection or as a measurement tool when combined with Savante camera technology. The 50mW green laser diode is combined with high quality refractive lens and a high performance 4000m depth rated stainless steel housing to project a clean, high defintion line on the seabed through an anti-reflection coated sapphire window.

Whilst multiple LMNI lasers can be used to provide image scaling measurements, they can also be upgraded to provide seabed dynamic laser mapping capabilities.


Key Features

  • 4000m depth rated green laser line projector.

  • Compact, robust solid state system.

  • High definition laser line.

  • Zero warm up period.

Technical Specifications

Wavelength: 532nm

Power: 40mW

Fan angle: 60degrees (in air), 90 degrees (in water)

Depth rating: 4000m

Power: 0.3A @ 24VDC - zero warm up required

Temperature: -20 to 40deg C


Subsea Laser Applications


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