Mini Certus 3D Divers Subsea Laser Measurement

The mini CTS-3D underwater laser scanner, a handheld diver operated tool, integrates Savante’s laser measurement technology into a compact, lightweight unit that replaces a standard divers helmet camera. 



The mini CTS-3D integrates our 3D subsea laser measurement technology with an internal video camera and was designed to delivery both video imagery and measurement data along a standard diver umbilical. 

Weighing less than 250g in water, the tool is solid-state, making it robust for shallow water survey of mooring chains, conductors, risers, j-tubes and platform appurtenances such as anodes. 

With a depth rating of 450m it enables measurements to be acquired from dangerous or difficult-access locations from a safe distance.




Key Features:

  • Handheld subsea laser profiler for use with divers.

  • Millimeter resolution over a volume of 1m3.

  • Up to 30Hz refresh rate; up to 700 points/profile.

  • High definition projection enables optimal precision measurement accuracy.

  • Robust single housing and sapphire optics optimised for close-quarter scanning.

  • Interfaces through existing divers camera umbilical.



Optional Extras:

  • Nucleus PC local recording system for capturing data and post-processing.




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