Savante at SubseaEXPO 2017


Blue Green Lasers get "Set to Stun".

Savante Subsea is delighted to provide you with a first peek at one of the latest subsea laser tools we are about to release at the UKs premier subsea forum in February '17; SubseaEXPO.

The Certus 300 subsea laser scanner; a result of 14 years of opto-electronics development offers a simplified means of rapidly recording high accuracy, precision 3D models from the submerged environment. It creates an accurate and digital-virtual representation of submerged structures using a cloud of precisely-determined 3D points (a "surface point cloud").  Accompanied with integrated photogrammetry-like measurement, these digital point cloud models are of photo-realistic quality, offering full colour and immense resolution: essential for reporting on the development of corrosion or mechanical failure issues.

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Subsea laser measurement delivers precision in the sub-millimeter scale range with demonstrable resolution to the order of a micro-meter (a "micron"). This vastly outperforms traditionally-accepted measurement tools based on the use of sonar or even a diver-operated graduated steel ruler. Parallax measurement errors associated with the use of a video camera are specifically eliminated. Of critical significance is the ability of the system to perform measurement without contact; vital for the inspection of freely moving, high-inertia objects such as heavy conductors or risers without compromising the safety of diver limbs. 

Once a laser-scanned point cloud has been captured, it can be exported into any CAD package to which a wide spectrum of engineering computational tools, such as finite element analysis, can be applied. This proves extremely useful in providing the necessary diligence and evidence to support cases for deferment or reducing the frequency of risk-based inspection campaigns. 

What Next?

Savante CEO, Dr. Grant Thomson, will be presenting the results of ongoing project work using both 3D laser scanning and 3D stereo-imaging at the exhibition. Savante IS the answer to your subsea laser scanning requirements and we guarantee better results through our advanced technology and bespoke engineering solutions. 

In this fast-paced industry, we understand the value of precision, speed and costs and Savante can demonstrate the wide and varied cases of subsea laser scanning accomplishments and the value these have yielded to our international client base. If you would like to learn more;