Savante's underwater lasers supporting environmental research in UK's Marine Protected Areas

For over 15 years Savante's subsea lasers have been supporting the research of marine environmental scientists on the UK continental shelf (UKCS) with the capacity for 3D laser measurement in the benthic environment.  Seabed habitat mapping surveys, using drop cameras or landers form an essential component of the UK's annual commitments to managing stocks of critical flora and fauna within a variety of marine protected areas (MPAs). 


Whether used for image scaling, providing full 3D surface topographic modelling of cobble, stoney and coral reefs or qualifying the extent of trawler-door damage on the seabed, our 3D underwater laser technology is accurate, simple to operate and has the capacity to work at high speed, covering large areas in short time.


Please watch the video below for an example of our Lumeneye underwater lasers in operation as part of a seabed reef survey on the northwestern most frontier of the UK continental shelf.  Our lasers project brightly at sub-zero temperatures in conjunction with a digital stills camera and flash photography.  This is something other subsea lasers struggle to achieve; sub-zero temperature can significantly reduce laser output and performance achieved underwater can be significantly different to that seen at room temperature in a laboratory.

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