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Subsea Photogrammetry

Savante's field-proven technology delivers


Measurements and full colour 3D modelling from video or photographic content.


3D reconstructions from legacy, historic video and stills footage can be used.


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Subsea Photogrammetry


Creates fully immersive 3D point clouds using your existing ROV video camera


Savante's 3D photogrammetry software enables full colour, high resolution 3D point cloud modelling in the underwater environment using video camera technology found on any ROV or diving spread.  We eliminate the requirement to mobilise additional personnel or hardware; saving our clients significant costs, eliminating logistics and enabling truly immediate responsive support.

Does not require additional hardware installation

Once a point cloud has been captured, it can be exported into any CAD package to which a wide spectrum of engineering computational tools, such as finite element analysis, can be applied. This proves extremely useful in providing the necessary diligence and evidence to support cases for immediate repair, deferment or reducing the frequency of risk-based inspection campaigns. 

Asset Geometry recovered from legacy footage


The structure of an asset can be recovered by processing legacy, historical video and photographic inspection record; without the need for apriori knowledge of the camera technology used.  Cameras as basic as NTSC and PAL format have been used to deliver 3D reconstructions of subsea assets up to 50x50x50m dimensions.

Truly responsive 3D scanning

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Our automated software extracts individual image frames from a section of video footage; it searches for special features in each image and tracks them from image to image.  An algorithm creates a model of the camera system used, corrects for any lens distortion and computes the location of each special feature in 3D.



Photographic 3D Reconstruction

The data is further refined; using each pixel within the match-image frames to build a highly detailed 3D reconstruction.  The resulting models are full colour and of exceptional photographic quality.  The image shown here was created from a collection of 12 stills extracted from a short video clip.