Aquantum Subsea Laser Module


The Aquantum range of miniaturised subsea laser modules are optimised for ultra-deep underwater applications where robust construction, ease of integration and minimum size is critical.  


Often used to support micro ROV inspections by adding scaling references to video survey footage; Aquantum green lasers are highly visible over long distances in seawater due to minimal attenuation and are ideal for range-finding, precision alignment and image scaling measurement applications when multiple units are used with Savante cameras.


Advanced diode and optical projection technology delivers crisp, high-definition laser patterns with maximum electrical efficiency; critical in applications such as remote subsea monitoring stations powered using subsea batteries.


A range of alternative blue, red and infrared laser modules are available for custom applications.



Key Features:

  • Miniaturised, lightweight subsea laser module; ideal for use with micro ROVs.
  • Ultradeep rated - 4000m depth rating.  (6000m option).
  • High definition projection enables optimal precision measurement accuracy.
  • High-efficiency direct diode laser technology - over 8x reduction in battery consumption.
  • Reverse-polarity protected, wide input voltage range (12-72VDC) enables easy integration.
  • Anti-reflection coated sapphire windows; delivers high-definition imaging performance, reduces stray light and best scratch resistance for longer life.
  • Available with a range of diffractive projection optical heads for a variety of structured light projection options (points, arrays, grids, circles, crosshairs, company logos).
  • Available in violet, blue, green, red and infra-red wavelengths.



Optional Extras:

  • Image scaling software for use with Savante cameras
  • Mounting brackets
  • Battery packs



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