Certus 3D Dynamic Divers Subsea Laser Scanner


The CTS-3D underwater laser scanner, a handheld diver operated tool, integrates Savante’s 3D laser scanning technology into a compact, lightweight unit.


It quickly creates an accurate, digital-virtual representation of submerged structures using a cloud of precisely-determined 3D points (a "surface point cloud"). Accompanied with photometric measurement of the intensity of optical energy at each measured point, these digital point cloud models are of photorealistic quality, offering full color and immense resolution: essential for monitoring structural issues such as progressive degradation or developing repair solutions for damaged infrastructure.


Weighing less than 1kg in water, the tool is solid-state, making it robust for shallow water survey of mooring chains and conductors; extending to operations in 300m water depth.  Importantly, it enables measurements to be acquired from difficult access locations from a safe distance.


A range of Savante expansion options are available; including higher powered lasers, strobed LED lighting panels and digital stills cameras; all coordinated using Savante’s proprietary component timing and triggering system.  Savante can supply optimised solutions of Certus 3D for bespoke measurement and deployment problems.



Key Features:

  • Handheld subsea laser profiler for use with divers.

  • Sub millimeter resolution over a volume of 1m3.

  • Up to 30Hz refresh rate; up to 1500 points/profile.

  • High definition projection enables optimal precision measurement accuracy.

  • Robust single housing and sapphire optics optimised for close-quarter scanning.

  • Twin-wire communications mode via duplex RS-422, 485 or standalone operation.



Optional Extras:

  • Mounting brackets for use with micro ROVs
  • Nucleus PC local recording system for capturing data and post-processing.



In this video clip we demonstrate the 3D laser scanning capabilities of the Savante diver-held Certus 3D underwater laser inspection system. A client issued us with a section of bent steel plate onto which a number of welds had been laid down. The steel plate resembled a saddle.


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