SLV-50 Subsea Laser Profiler


The SLV-series of close-range ultra-deep subsea laser profilers support general and close visual asset integrity assessments and inspections with precise 3D topographic measurements.  Measurement profiles refresh up to 50Hz with up to 1500 topographic points per profile; enabling “on-the-fly” measurements to be recorded in highly dynamic environments such as splash zone operations or high cross-currents.  


Corroded surfaces, surface-breaking defects, preferential root weld corrosion, mechanical wear, fretting, pitting and hole sizing can be characterised easily using an integrated high definition video camera; permitting real-time position monitoring of the laser swath.  


A range of Savante expansion options are available; including higher powered lasers, strobed LED lighting panels and digital stills cameras; all coordinated using Savante’s proprietary component timing and triggering system.  Savante can supply optimised solutions of the SLV-50 for bespoke sampling problems, particularly difficult to access areas.



Key Features:

  • Robust, general-purpose subsea laser multi-beam profiler.

  • Ultradeep rated - 4000m depth rating.

  • Up to 50Hz refresh rate; up to 1500 points/profile.

  • Optical filtering system permits operations in the presence of ambient lighting.

  • Digitally controlled laser intensity.

  • High definition projection enables optimal precision measurement accuracy.

  • OEM or optional “laser on” indicator for IEC compliance.

  • Anti-reflection coated sapphire windows; delivers high-definition imaging performance, reduces stray light and best scratch resistance for longer life.

  • Gigabit ethernet compatible enables operations with optical fibre multiplexer or optional subsea data-recorder option combines continuous laser measurements with onboard digital video.



Optional Extras:

  • Image scaling software for use with Savante cameras
  • Mounting brackets
  • Battery packs



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