Cerberus Subsea Laser Profiler


The Cerberus series of close-range ultra-deep subsea laser profilers were developed to support the volumetric determination of drill cuttings and mapping of spoil heaps retained within the cell structure of a North Sea ConDeep oil installation.  


Cerberus is the world’s smallest 3D subsea laser profiler; the laser emitter, detector and control electronics have been integrated into a single cylindrical housing with an external diameter of 31mm.  It has been deployed using micro ROV into areas previously thought to be inaccessible.  Measurement profiles refresh up to 30Hz with up to 800 topographic points per profile; enabling “on-the-fly” measurements to be recorded within the confines of tightly spaced conductors.  Savante’s laser measurement technology operates in narrow confines; something that sonar technology cannot achieve due to multiple bounce issues.  Used in conjunction with Savante’s micro navigation technology, Cerberus has been used for conduct 3D platform internal assessments.


A range of Savante expansion options are available; including higher powered lasers, strobed LED lighting panels and digital stills cameras; all coordinated using Savante’s proprietary component timing and triggering system.  Savante can supply optimised solutions of Cerberus for bespoke measurement and deployment problems.



Key Features:

  • Robust, miniaturised laser multi-beam profiler.

  • Ultradeep rated - 300m depth rating (4000m option).

  • Up to 30Hz refresh rate; up to 800 points/profile. (400Hz, 4096points/profile available)

  • High definition projection enables optimal precision measurement accuracy.

  • Robust single housing and sapphire optics optimised for close-quarter scanning.

  • Twin-wire communications mode via duplex RS-422, 485.



Optional Extras:

  • Mounting brackets for use with micro ROVs
  • Nucleus PC local recording system for capturing data and post-processing.



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