SLV-80 Subsea Laser Profiler


The SLV range of long-range ultra-deep subsea laser profilers were developed to enhance the safety of offshore underwater inspection by enabling high-precision, non-contact surface measurements to be made remotely on a “moving target-moving platform” basis.  


The SLV-series laser profiler operates at a refresh rate of up to 400Hz, collecting up to 12,000 topographic points per profile; enabling “on-the-fly” measurements to be recorded in high cross-currents, fast-moving dynamic targets or high speed pipeline surveys at up to 30m range and 8 knots translation.  


It may be considered the laser equivalent of multibeam MBES system with superior resolution and scanning speed.


The SLV-80 may be interfaced to a variety of subsea position referencing tools, such as USBL beacons, LBL arrays, synthetic LBL, inertial navigation systems, doppler velocity logs and laser gyro tools to provide position and attitude updates between each successive laser profile; permitting large-scale dynamic mapping of extended survey sites.


A range of Savante expansion options are available; including higher powered lasers, strobed LED lighting panels and digital stills cameras; all coordinated using Savante’s proprietary component timing and triggering system.  An optional ROV-manipulator compatible grab handle can be fitted directly to the tool, enhancing flexibility.



Key Features:

  • Robust, general-purpose subsea laser multi-beam profiler.

  • Interfaces to inertial navigation systems, doppler velocity logs and fibre-optic gyros.

  • Compatible with synthetic LBL system architecture.

  • Ultradeep rated - 4000m depth rating.

  • Up to 400Hz refresh rate; up to 12,000 points/profile.

  • Optical filtering system permits operations in the presence of ambient lighting.

  • Digitally controlled laser intensity.

  • High definition projection enables optimal precision measurement accuracy.

  • OEM or optional “laser on” indicator for IEC compliance.

  • High-efficiency direct diode laser technology.

  • Reverse-polarity protected, wide input voltage range (18-30VDC) enables easy integration.

  • Anti-reflection coated sapphire windows; delivers high-definition imaging performance, reduces stray light and best scratch resistance for longer life.

  • Gigabit ethernet compatible enables operations with optical fibre multiplexer.



Optional Extras:

  • Nucleus Subsea PC c/w RS485 interface where GiGE is unavailable.

  • Mounting brackets.



This video presents an overview into the operational use of our subsea laser scanner in confirming the integrity of a subsea wellhead. The integrity of the wellhead was questioned after a series of digital stills images were recorded of a number of indications located within the wellhead using an ROV and a video camera.


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