SLV-80 Subsea Laser Profiler


The SLV-80 subsea laser profiler uses 3D optical triangulation to rapidly gather massive volumes of precision-distance measurements from the surrounding environment. 


The versatile, modular system defines industry standards in resolution and precision and can be integrated with ROVs, AUVS as an underslung survey payload or mounted in a manipulator arm for IRM operations.  Integrated video footage and real-time profile data is co-registered and synchronised, leaving integrity managers with absolute confidence in the assessment of their asset condition.  With a practicable range in excess of 15m, the system can be upgraded online for access to full SLAM dynamic or IMU-aided dynamic laser mapping capabilities.

3D Subsea Laser Triangulation

A planar laser swath is projected onto a target surface and observed from an offset position using a high-sensitivity, high-resolution digital camera.  Variations in surface topography create distortions to the laser line shape; Savante's patented machine-vision algorithm creates an accurate and digital-virtual representation of the submerged structure using a cloud of precisely-determined 3D points (a "surface point cloud").  Accompanied with photometric measurement of the intensity of optical energy at each measured point, this digital point cloud model can be of photorealistic quality, offering full colour and immense resolution: essential to detect and monitor progressive or emergent structural issues such as corrosion or deformation.

Subsea Laser Scan Data Analysis

3D Modelling and Visualisation

Once a laser-scanned point cloud has been captured, it can be exported into any CAD package to which a wide spectrum of engineering computational tools, such as finite element analysis, can be applied. 


This proves extremely useful in providing the necessary diligence and evidence to support cases for future project deferment or reducing the frequency of risk-based inspection campaigns. In the management of incident response, laser scanning can facilitate an accurate and early assessment; enabling key and correct decisions to be made earlier.

High colour texture map draped over 3D point cloud (contours in green).

SLAM or IMU-Aided Dynamic Underwater Laser Scanning

The SLV-80 may be interfaced to a variety of subsea position referencing tools, such as;

  • USBL beacons,
  • LBL arrays,
  • synthetic LBL,
  • inertial navigation systems,
  • doppler velocity logs
  • laser gyro tools

to provide position and attitude updates between each successive laser profile; permitting large-scale dynamic mapping of extended survey sites



Key Features:

  • Industry-defining subsea precision and resolution measurements.

  • Up to 80Hz refresh rate, 2546 points/profile.

  • Depth rated to 4000m standard (6000m option).

  • Class 3B, 400mW, thermally stabilised blue laser projector. (2000mW option).

  • High-sensitivity, high-resolution integrated camera delivers live view during capture.

  • 10m scanning range (30m option).

  • Field of view = 11.4 x 11.4m at 10m range.

  • Interfaces to inertial navigation systems, synthetic LBL architectures, doppler velocity logs and fibre-optic gyros.

  • ROV manipulator-mountable option.

  • Optical filtering system permits operations in the presence of ambient lighting.

  • Reverse-polarity protected, wide input voltage range (18-30VDC) enables easy integration.

  • Gigabit ethernet compatible enables operations with optical fibre multiplexer.



Optional Extras:

  • Nucleus Subsea PC c/w RS485 interface where GiGE is unavailable.

  • 4K synchronised digital camera for image mosaicing.

  • High brightness synchronised LED panel strobes.

  • ROV Manipulator mounted option.



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