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Savante Client Testimonials


Project Satisfaction

A very small report on the lasers; The lasers worked very well in the water and were very clearly visible on every photograph
— HAFRO, Icelandic Fisheries Research
We did the ops today; the lasers did their show
— JIFMAR, France
...our experience with the lasers certainly made us aware of their power
— Envision Mapping, UK
...your lasers are working well. . . .
— Andrews Survey. UK
In good visi, the beam is well seenable and the profiling satisfactory. I have been pleased to work with your company, keep me posted about the technologies you are working on. Thank you and best regards
— France Telecom, France
faultless, did the job, powerfull, majority of the time the only reference we had - me impressed, and that takes some doing. With zero vis, these were a great help. Definately got the thumbs “right up” compared to other manufacturers that I have used in the past. I would like a handheld device now
— ROV pilot - Callsign "T-BOY"
I’m currently on MRV SCOTIA where we are using your laser stripe projectors. They have proved to be very reliable at providing fixed reference lines and our JNCC colleagues find them very useful in classifying the sea-bed images
— Marine Scotland, Formerly Fisheries Research Services
You have my attention. That screenshot is mighty impressive.
— ANON Subsea Team Lreader, UK IOC
Firstly, I’m very satisfied with the detail of the results and the processing that has been completed to highlight salient points. Grants team have done a pretty remarkable job in getting such a detailed picture of the profile given the nature of this inspection location.
— Anon Proj Engineer, US IOC, Engaged Savante on Internal Caisson Inspection Project (UKCS)

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