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SLV-50 Subsea Laser Vernier - Profiler

Savante Subsea and Underwater Lasers SLV50 laser caliper mounted on Falcon ROV 4.jpg

Available as:

  • Rental

  • Purchase

  • Measurement Service

SLV-50 subsea laser vernier - profiler - Available for hire or purchase or measurement service from Savante Subsea.

The SLV-50 subsea laser profiler was designed to perform non-contact measurement in real-time. The system is extremely flexible and can be deployed in difficult access locations due to it’s small size. It is fast enough to be used in dynamic conditions.

Subsea laser profiling is the most energy efficient means of collecting high resolution 3D point cloud data in the underwater environment.

Key Features

  • Non-contact subsea laser profiler - vernier caliper.

  • Up to 5m measurement range.

  • 30 profiles/sec update rate suitable for realtime measurement problems.

  • Sub-millimeter resolution.

  • High resolution enables detection of cracks and surface breaking defects.

  • Integrated video camera lets you see what you are measuring.

Technical Specifications

  • 40mW green laser technology

  • 24V - 0.35A power requirements

  • Onboard system can use spare video channel, ethernet or twisted coax for communications.


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