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SLV-8000i Subsea Laser Vernier / Profiler

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SLV-8000 subsea laser profiler - Available for hire or purchase from Savante Subsea.

The SLV-8000i subsea laser profiler was designed to perform high speed seabed profiling and dynamic seabed mapping operations when integrated with any position referencing system. (inertial, SLAM). The laser profiler extends the range of visibility of the seabed beyond traditional camera systems and generates a digital copy of the surface being surveyed. The system is extremely flexible and can be deployed in an ROV manipulator to support non-contact measurement requirements in highly dynamic conditions.

Subsea laser profiling is the most energy efficient means of collecting high resolution 3D point cloud data in the underwater environment.

Key Features

  • 4000m depth rated high speed laser profiler

  • 100Hz profile update rate

  • 0.1-10m range

  • Integrated video camera system

  • GiGE interface

  • Interfaces to Qinsy, Navipac

Technical Specifications

  • 8192 points/profile

  • 150mW Class 3B blue-green subsea laser

  • Thermally stabilised

  • 4k UHD integrated video camera system

  • 100Hz standard update rate (can upgrade to 400Hz)

  • Full colour scanning option.


AUV pipeline survey

Dynamic subsea laser mapping

Riser buoyancy block inspection and catenary analysis

Mooring chain integrity surveys

FPSO UWILD surveys

Spoolpiece metrologies

As-left trench surveys

Inspection repair maintenance projects

SLV 8000i laser vernier used to measure buoyancy block separation

In this short video clip an ROV operator uses the SLV8000i as a non-contact vernier calliper to rapidly collect buoyancy block separation measurements along the length of a pair of steepwave catenary production risers.

Measurements are captured from a safe distance; minimising the risk of contact between product and the ROV.

The vernier onboard camera system displays the real time detection of the laser profiler; making capture easy.

Video clip shows real-time onboard laser profiler output from an integrated camera system.