During a routine annual inspection of a subsea field, our client detected an anomaly on the internal sealing surface of a subsea wellhead.

With the client unable to qualify the wellhead as safe to operate; we were asked to deploy a bespoke laser deployment and measurement solution to the gulf and collect sufficient evidence; this guiding the clients future operations.  Without confirmation of an effective dual-sealing barrier system at the wellhead; local regulations prevented the client from deploying a BOP. 

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This video presents an overview into the operational use of our subsea laser scanner in confirming the integrity of a subsea wellhead. The integrity of the wellhead was questioned after a series of digital stills images were recorded of a number of indications located within the wellhead using an ROV and a video camera.

Savante Technical Assistance Summary:



  • Laser and camera deployed.
  • Presence of a gouge confirmed.


  • Laser scanner deployed.
  • Operations completed in 12 seconds.
  • 3D surface model of anomaly rendered.
  • Measurements to precision 0.065mm recorded over width and depth of gouge


Savante detected and confirmed the presence of an integrity-compromising defect under guidance from the wellhead manufacturer.  The client ceased all further operations until a repair remedy had been implemented. Whilst expensive in terms of delaying the start of production to the wellhead, the clients operational safety record was never compromised and their prudence prevented the potential for any environmental incident.