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Subsea Drop Camera System

Savante’s fully integrated subsea drop camera suite was designed to support cost-effective marine baseline environmental seabed surveys in the North Sea with high performance subsea imaging technology. It combines an 18Mp colour high-resolution video and integrated digital stills Vector camera, flash and high intensity LED lighting and a variety of optional laser measurement tools including altimeters, image scaling systems and 3D laser profilers in a highly compacted form factor.

The subsea unit is controlled remotely through a 300m high-strength kevlar-reinforced main lift electrical umbilical using a miniaturised topside control unit. This provides an easy to use graphical-user interface (GUI) which offers complete control over every component subsea (digital chronograph timers, event driven control (GPS location hot-spot triggers) and digital video recording capabilities. External triggering of the system can be achieved remotely.

Additional options include subsea communications ports supporting USB 3.0, Gigabit ethernet, RS-232, RS-422 and the RS-485 communications standards; enabling the greatest flexibility for interfacing additional tooling such as sonars and CTD probes.

Technical Specifications

Subsea unit

  • 18 MP video and digital stills camera system (raw, tiff, jpg image standards)

  • Integrated black-box video recorder. 480Gb onboard data storage

  • Synchronised high-repetition flash system for high speed survey works (eliminates motion blur).

  • Integrated video data overlay.

  • Fully dimmable, 10,000lm high intensity LED lighting system.

  • Green laser image scaling measurement system.

  • 300m heavy-duty 18mm diameter 250kg breaking strength kevlar-reinforced tether. (Optional 1000m)

Surface control unit

  • Easy to use graphic user interface (GUI) provides full control over all equipment functions.

  • Client can create additional buttons for bespoke control solutions.

  • Digital chronograph - (continous video recording, timer function to trigger high speed digital stills capture).

  • External remote triggering.

  • Integrated digital eventing system. (Saves time-dated log of observations to a text file)

  • Live video feed.

  • MPEG-4 digital video recording.

  • Integrated low voltage DC surface power distribution unit for safe operations - integrated umbilical health monitoring system.

  • 110-260VAC, 2A supply required.

Expansion Options

  • Additional cameras can be mounted and triggered simultaneously.

  • 3m range laser altimeter

  • SLV-80 subsea laser profiler for seabed topographic mapping