LMNI Subsea Line Laser Module

LMNI Subsea Line Laser Module

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Available for sale/rental from Savante Subsea - The LMNI Subsea Line Laser.

The LMNI range of subsea line lasers are our most flexible subsea laser solution and may be used for simple reference projection or as a measurement tool when combined with Savante camera technology. The 50mW green laser diode is combined with high quality refractive lens and a high performance 4000m depth rated stainless steel housing to project a clean, high defintion line on the seabed through an anti-reflection coated sapphire window.

Whilst multiple LMNI lasers can be used to provide image scaling measurements, they can also be upgraded to provide seabed dynamic laser mapping capabilities.

Technical Specifications

  • Wavelength (nm): 450/520/532/635

  • Power (mW): 1/5/10/20/40/80/160

  • Beam output: Point/Line/Grid

  • Fan angle (deg): 0/45/90

  • Depth rating (m): 0-500/0-4000/0-6000

  • Power: 0.3A @ 24VDC - zero warm up required

  • Operating Temperature (C): -20 to 40

Beam Angle:
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Benthic survey image scaling measurements

Pipeline Inspection

General underwater alignment

Underwater measurement