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The applications of machine-vision and laser measurement tools in the subsea environment are endless and growing to match the prevalence and diversity found ashore in the construction industry.  Savante's latest subsesa laser technology shatters the established paradigm for subsea inspection; combining visual recording with precision 3D data that delivers decision-making clarity for environmental scientists, marine archaeologists, salvers and engineers (ashore and subsea).

Whether used for alignment, scaling, range-finding or creating full 3D models of submerged assets; our underwater lasers set the standard for speed, accuracy, ease of integration, ease of measurement and precision.  Critically and uniquely; our technology delivers results dynamically on a moving-target, moving platform basis.  We also supply roto-static and linea-static fixed laser scanning and mapping solutions.


Our comprehensive range of underwater machine-vision, laser and optical products and services are linked below.  We also offer consultancy services for bespoke measurement applications. 

Subsea Imaging Systems