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Savante provides high precision subsea photogrammetry and laser measurement solutions in a variety of sectors and applications. 

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3D Subsea Measurement Case Studies

Since 2003, Savante Subsea has produced high precision subsea photogrammetry and 3D laser measurement solutions; supporting global markets in defence, marine and environmental science, renewables, civil enginering projects and oil and gas hydrocarbon markets.  On this page we showcase a variety of subsea laser scanning applications, with solutions spanning our complete technical range from image-scaling laser modules through to 3D laser profiler and scanner solutions.


3D Subsea Photogrammetry and Multi-camera Measurement

Savante Subsea also present a range of underwater laser-less case studies where photogrammetry, monocular, binocular and tri-nocular imaging solutions have been deployed.  The deployment of these solutions are most apt in areas where the export of subsea laser measurement technology is made difficult by local regulations or lengthy registration processes are involved.  The export of these largely video-based 3D measurement solutions can be achieved in a comparatively simpler manner.