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Estimating measurements from video footage is subjective, labour intensive and often inaccurate.  First response tooling, sufficient to dimension and qualify the nature of an observation, provides precise initial measurements and can assist in justifying an escalation of response upon the discovery of structural anomalies.

  • First response tooling should be an essential component of any risk based inspection campaign.


Second Response Anomaly VisualisatioN

The risk level for the asset is beyond inspection. Immediate action is now necessary pending Savante's investigative asset analysis. We can provide full reporting services to ensure the correct decisions can take place to de-risk the asset and plan further stages of integrity response. 

  • The resulting measurements can be used to justify an escalation of response; particularly if asset integrity, the environment and people may otherwise be endangered. 

Regardless of the position of the project, sooner is always best. Let us help you work out the issues and underline the solutions.